Friday, November 9, 2012

Joby Nail Art Stickers Review!

I LOVE NAIL ART! Who doesn't right?

What I don't love is how sometimes it's sooo hard to do! I'm all about trying new things, but sometimes an idea or something I've seen elsewhere in the Nail-iverse that looks really easy, it ends up being a b#$%^ to replicate in real life.
I'm sure most of us have some sort of nail decals and/or stickers in our arsenals, and I have some that looked really pretty in the packaging, only to get them out, and they just don't work that great.  Pretty sure 99% of it was user error or impatience in combination with quality issues (since most of the stickers I bought came from Dollar Tree and some weird little store close to the BF's house). But I've had a lot more free time being as though I'm still looking for a job after graduating from my Business and Computer Tech class this past May to practice. 
So when an awesome girl named Erika from Joby Nail Art reached out to me a while back and asked me to give a review on some of their products, I was stoked! 

Joby Nail Art is not a newcomer to the nail art trend.  They have been around since 2003, JOBY Nail Art is a place where you will find a variety of nail art products for your nail design needs. At JOBY nail art, they strive to offer quality service and quality products for both the nail professional and the general consumer. Whether your preference is fun and funky with glitter nail art, gold nail art or flower nail art or a bit more modest, we are sure to have something for your style. Try out the latest trends with lace nails or do something new with 3D nail art supplies. Whatever your nail style may be, JOBY nail art gives you the freedom to make your statement. They offer how-to videos make applying the decals simple and hassle free so you will have beautiful nails in no time. Visit their nail art gallery for ideas on creating your own designs.

They offer free shipping on all domestic orders.  They ship international by USPS Priority Mail and qualifying orders receive free shipping. 

Check their Facebook page or follow them on twitter to keep up to date on new products, promotions and nail designs.

I received 2 packs of JOBY Nail Art Stickers. One with cute glittery flowers, and the other with a musical theme. The musical stickers will be included in my surprise prize pack for our Santa's Secret Stash Holiday Giveaway

I really loved these stickers. They were really easy to use.


1. Clean the surface where the design is to be placed.
2. Select a design and peel off by you nails.
3.  Place the design on nail, then gently rub down. 
4. Apply top coat for best results.

Easy right? 

This is after application and before top coat. They do look ok just like this, but I did want to see the difference a top coat made.

The only problem I encountered with use was that since my nail beds are not that wide I needed to trim off a small piece of a design in order for it to not stick on the side of my itty bitty pinkie finger. If you have wider nail beds you should be fine, and if not, it was a quick and easy fix!

This is after one coat of Seche Vite. The lines that were in the first picture are almost completely GONE. You'd have to be VERY close to tell where the actual sticker edge was. It's like the edges of the stickers kind of "melt away",with top coat. 

I would definitely buy these stickers and also recommend them to people. They were very easy to use, had great detail on all the designs. I loved how thin and "non-stickerish" they were, and how flatly they laid on the nail. Overall, I'd give these stickers an A+. Be sure to check them out!

Thanks again Erika for letting me review these for you and JOBY Nail Art


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  1. Pretty! I've never really used stickers before, but have been thinking about it come Christmas... i'll have to check into this!