Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drama Llama Ding Dong


I have tried to stay pretty quiet on this whole issue that  some wonderful people have been dealing with in Facebook polish groups.  I chose not to participate in the "No H8" day also because of this same reason.   To talk about it in my space just seemed like fueling the fire, or bringing said person/s more attention than I felt they deserved.  

I will NOT be bullied, not now, not ever.  It makes me sad that someone wants to try and go trashing people and spreading lies to save their own face.  It bothers me that I'm even having to make this post.

I was sent polishes from a shop, which has since closed,  the owner of that shop was also the owner of a Facebook group that I participated in. She wanted someone to take photos of her polishes for her shop after she had seen my review of her polishes, which was one of my first posts on this blog.

That group has since imploded and re-spawned under another namesake because of high-school aged theatrics, bad time management, and questions about peoples' funds in a group buy. I will not watch grown women behaving like teenage girls.  I left the group without a word, since sometimes I'm kind of hot-headed and speak before I think.  There have since been numerous other "incidents", but I will not get into that here.

What bothers me about the whole thing, is this person has gone throughout Facebook groups calling me a "bad blogger" and a "thief" for not reviewing her polishes after I chose to leave.  I and I alone, choose the content placed on this blog, and if I feel something is something I choose to rave about and review, I do. I will not endorse things that I don't believe in, and it's stated as such in my disclosure statement, located at the top of my blog. It has been in place since my blog first started.

I will also not help to defraud people by helping to advertise shoddy product. When you message a maker and let them know problems with their product/s, it's nice to receive some kind of reassurance that the problem has been noted and possibly fixed. None was received other than a one word response when my question about the overwhelming sheerness of "full coverage" polishes.  I did swatch them for her store like she'd asked, and I have screen shots of those messages being sent.

This is a "full coverage blue holo polish" called Deep Blue Something that I received. This is 4, yes FOUR coats. I still have VNL obviously, and would have expected as much from a polish labeled as a "jelly", which this was not. 

 When I messaged the maker, I was told "layer" in response to my question if this was meant to be a jelly instead of a full coverage. So I did, 2 coats over SH Pacific Blue. It was pretty when layered, but I have an issue with saying something is one thing and it's obviously something altogether different. Definitely wasn't as holo as people were led to believe.

This is the usage of said polish after my first swatch, before layering. At this rate of usage if you're not layering, you'd maybe get 6 full manis out of the bottle. 

 This was a glitter mix called Kittylicious I was sent. You can see the big pink hearts, look almost thick...I had put 2 coats of top coat on and the heart glitters still stick up considerably off the nail.

This was another "full coverage polish" called Indian Summer at 5 coats, that even with fast drying top coat took AGES to dry. Again "layer" was the only advice given to my questioning.

For the next issue, the maker stated she used TKB Stainless steel balls in her polishes. Below is a photo of some of the mixing balls I removed from polishes that I had purchased. The third and four mixing balls were removed from an Essie polish I had sitting next to my little frankening pot. They have obvious pits, and some are discoloring and blackening in spots. They are very light, and after being rinsed in acetone, then water, you could roll them around in your hand and it would leave almost a "sweaty handful of pennies" smell on your skin. Could be BB's, could not be, who knows I didn't do a scientific test on them.  But it sure is curious eh?

This post is not meant as a bashing, merely as a testament, that I'm not a scared individual, and I will stand behind what I think. These polishes had not been featured on my blog, as they were not something I felt giving face time to in light of the whole situation and I felt they were misleading and dishonest to her customers.

I do not appreciate being labeled a thief, because I chose not to honestly review these after I'd done the swatching I'd promised to do, in order to not be looked at as a "hater", since I left her group and blocked her because of her views on how inappropriate behavior was appropriate, and my opinions on these polishes obviously weren't favorable.  I know how nasty people can be, as evidenced by attacks of other  people in groups and Facebook messaging, and postings made on other friend's blogs.

What I chose to do was save myself, my blog, as well as my Facebook page for this blog from being bombarded with the things some of the people I am closely associated with have had to deal with. I won't be silent anymore. Everything I have said here is the truth, and in no way defaming.

I consider this a pretty civilized post. So ANY and ALL hateful, rude, or insulting comments made to this post will be removed. I don't like to be censored either, but this is MY space, and I don't go around leaving hateful nasty comments so I'd expect the same courtesy.



  1. Go girl! You tell 'em :) some people are pathetic.

  2. Well she got her review! Hahaha. But yeesh 5 coats, that is as bad as Butter London's Knackered.

  3. As you know I bought the same blue holo polish in a mini bottle and had major trouble with full coverage and pigment problems. The blue pigment used will not stay mixed and causes splotches of pigment to be painted/streaked on the nail.

    1. Yes I do!

      I just hate how it's being made to seem she closed her shop and lost income over other people's actions, when obviously her behavior and the fact that some of her polishes aren't up to the same standard as other indies I have in my stash is the real reason. You can't solely market to a small FB group and expect to hit the big time. :(

  4. Right on. I'm all for calling people out when they deserve it!

  5. I actually really loved all the polishes I bought from Perception, mostly scattered holos. What different experiences! I'm sorry to hear about all the drama, though. I can't abide bullying, and it has no place in the nail polish community.

    1. Don't get me wrong there are a couple I liked, just not enough to ever use them again. I won't help promote someone who acts that way or treats people that I associate with or myself with such disregard and immaturity.

      Some people might not have said anything, and I didn't for a long time. But calling me a thief not once, but twice was enough. I'm not the only one who's had issues, I just think most people didn't want to say anything or didn't have a way to. I wish that a girl I know would tell people about what she had to deal with in just trying to purchase a polish, and other people would come forward.

      As of a few days ago, I have people associated with this person stalking my blog as well as my FB page lol watching to see who comments on posts, and my friends are being accused of being "spies", it's a little much yanno?

    2. What's that saying, 'time wounds all heels"? lol. Time heals all wounds. And glitter helps, too. :)

  6. Can I just say that I love the name of this post? LOL