Friday, August 31, 2012

Perception Nail Lacquer- Once Upon a Time Collection!

K so I have some awesome polishes to review for you guys! I purchased these from Amy over at Perception Nail Lacquer, she's such an awesome person. She makes pretty polishes, for a great price, and has super fast shipping. Seriously there is none of this 10+ day waiting stuff from her shop!  

I bought the whole Once Upon a Time Collection, that's inspired by the ABC show's characters (which I luuuurve), that coincidentally starts back up on September 30th! I'm so excited, I hope they make more episodes this season!

 On to the polish! First off, I love her bottles and her labels. The labels are an oil-resistant label, which I love since I'm always scared of messing the labels up on my indies with my hands, and have resorted to taping over some of them, which I hate doing, since I can never get the tape on there "just right". I love the bottles too, they remind me of Cult Nails' bottles a lot. The brushes on them were all fabulous! 

 L-R Perception Nail Lacquer Prince charming, Grumpy, Evil Queen, Snow White, Emma Swan, Rumplestiltskin.

The first one I swatched was Prince Charming. It's an awesome blue with silver holographic glitter, when I saw it, all I could think of was how it matched David/Charming's eyes. It has a teal flash to it, that I just couldn't quite get on camera.  This is 3 coats over basecoat.
Prince Charming Full Sun
Prince Charming- Indirect Sun

 Next up is Emma Swan. She's easily my favorite character on the show, her no-BS attitude makes me love her. This polish is a red and chameleon microglitter. Gorgeous.I didn't use a base color under mine because I wanted to show the real deal.  I have some VNL but I really didn't honestly even mind since this polish is so pretty! This is 3 coats over basecoat.

 Now remember when I said Chameleon glitter? Here's the flash: kind of a greenish-gold. Kinda looks like Emma's fiery personality to me! :)

 On to Rumplestiltskin. Now this polish, I can't even tell you how much I liked it. I'm not a big fan of Jellies, just because for me, some of them are sooooo hard to work with. You fight with streakiness, dry time, all that good stuff, so I normally pass on them. This one though, I just can't say enough good things about. It's a brown tinted jelly, that borders on black, with gold holo glitter. Application was super easy, minimal streakiness and I'd say you could go opaque in 4 coats or less if used with a base color. Dry time was great. This is 4 coats over basecoat. The holo-y goodness in full-on sun was too much for my camera.

Perception Nail Lacquer-Rumplestiltskin Indirect Sun

 Grumpy- a clear base with white microglitter and black squares. This is a perfect top coat to refresh a mani or just to give it a little something-something yanno? I used one coat over Sinful Colors Rain Storm, just to try and show case the white shimmery glitters. Loved it. 

 Evil Queen- a light grey-tinted jelly base, with black diamond glitters and hearts. The smoky base will need to be used over a color that you don't mind it slightly changing, but it's beautiful. I fished a little for the hearts, but no biggie. This is one coat and some dabbing of the diamonds and hearts over Sally Hansen Compete Salon Manicure in Eel Skin.

 I saved the best for last. Snow White. now at first glance this polish doesn't look like much. A basic glittery topcoat right?  Prepare to be astonished. It's a iridescent flakie with a clear base, I saw pink, blue, green, and purple flashes, IN THE SHADE. Loved it, I wish I would have taken a pic in the sun. But when you see how it looks in the shade, you can imagine that it looks sooo much better in the sun. This is one coat of Snow White over Essie Licorice.

 My overall opinion of this collection is WOW. Perception's base formula is amazing. it's not clumpy, chunky, a PITA to work with, nothing. Dry time was great on all of these polishes, and with the exception of fishing for a few of the hearts in Evil Queen, I'm really impressed. If you haven't had the chance to check her out, you're missing out. So go do it already!!

Perception Nail Lacquer is available on Amy's Page here and you can also contact her on Facebook here. Upon the writing of this post, she is also taking custom glitter orders as well.  I can't wait to see more of what she has to offer!

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